PREMIERE video clips on the wedding day

The best way to surprise your guests at the banquet is to show what they did not expect to see. We are happy to help doing this. In our arsenal there are a lot of interesting and creative ideas for your guests to undergo and experience throughout the banquet as to feel many pleasant, touching, sometimes unexpected emotions. Our team offers services in producing and showing wedding videos directly on your wedding day.

LOVE STORY - clip about how it all began. A short story about newlyweds filled with key moments and details of the birth of their love. This clip will decorate the evening.

Congratulations for the newlyweds. There are several variants of this clip. For the first made variant, the bride and groom greet complete strangers and trained people. This clip will cheer up everyone, without exception. For the  second variant of the clip, the newlyweds greet relatives and friends who could not attend the wedding. This clip is fit up in advance of the shot (sometimes sent from far) out of the material and without the knowledge of the newlyweds. After all, for them it should be an enjoyable and touching surprise.

Topsy-turvy’s. The point of the clip is that during the interview the guests respond to advanced prepared questions. During the fitting, the real question is cut out and is replaced with a funny answer related to the bride or groom. It turns out to put fun for the guests.

The culmination of the evening can be a SDE-clip (Same Day Edit) mounted on the wedding day and consisting of the most exciting, thrilling and solemn moments of the latest day. All the present guests and the newlyweds will be able to once again experience this wonderful day. For sure you will notice something special that really had not seen during the public holiday bustle.

In addition to the above mentioned, we will help to create any other clip for the wedding day. Whatever you come up with, we will fulfill for sure.