Photography of events

Any event in life is unique because it cannot be relived once more. Tears of happiness and joy at the wedding. Laughter and fun at a birthday party. Spiritual excitement at the christening. Ceremonial emotions at a farewell ball. Exactly such moments make up the best part of our life.

Allow us to be the invisible witnesses of your happiness and to save it for your descendants and offspring.

Let us become invisible witness your happiness and save it to your descendants.

We may offer you reportage photography and staging of the events of any size and complexity. Our team is able to survey in any place and in any weather it doesn’t matter if it is indoor or outdoor space. Using the most advanced photo equipment, we stop time forever preserving the most precious moments of your life.

Turning to us, you will forget about the disturbances associated with the festive photography. Experienced and sociable photographers are eager to help you to cope with the awkwardness and turn the day of shooting a real holiday any time you like.

In addition to family celebrations, we are happy to take photos of corporate events, reports, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations, shows, competitions, sporting events, and what not. We take into account all the wishes of the shooting and post-processing of pictures and images, and also offer a design disk (printing on discs, cover and packaging), create and print photo books and wedding albums.

Studio photography

Studio photography is different from any other kind of shooting, because first of all it takes places directly into the room and it does not depend on weather conditions. Inside the studio an excellent atmosphere and a comfortable temperature is always present. A lot of additional equipment, accessories and gadgets are used for the realization of any of your ideas and images.

With the help of artificial light, backgrounds and scenery, our photographers create stunning beauty in all the images and portraits.

Regardless of the reason, the studio shooting, carried out by our experts, will be an exceptional event in your life. The team of professionals will bring into life the most daring ideas and projects beginning with the portfolio up to shots for magazines. Using the most advanced equipment, we guarantee high quality of the pictures and images and the subsequent post processing.

Advertising photography

Advertising photography has penetrated into all spheres of human life. In today’s modern world it’s not enough only to talk about your product, you need to demonstrate its quality and advantage. You should show it off in such a way that the potential customer had had the desire to purchase it.

Advertising photography is widely used in the media, calendars, catalogs, brochures and other printed products as well as in outdoor advertising in the design of online resources.

Using the most advanced equipment, we are ready to implement the project of any complexity. We will help you create a competitive image of your product and bring it to the attention of customer.

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