Dance group «TINEREŢEA»

The performance of the dance group «TINEREŢEA» becomes the embellishment of any event. Each show is interesting for its original setting and accompanied by perfectly selected music. Bright costumes handmade prepared specifically for each performance, lead the audience into an indescribable joy. All the dancers have a great experience on a professional stage. Knowledge of the national ceremonies and rituals add the spice and flavour to each special event.


from 3000 to 7500 Leu

MDL 2000 - solo performance (40 minutes) or a duo (15 min.).

The more order, the more substantial discounts.


Spanish dances

Gypsy dances

Copyright dancing with arms

Slavonic dances (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Poland)

Eastern dances

National dances

Duration of the program

from 15 minutes to 4 hours

COMPOSITION of the group members

up to 8 people (subject to solo performances, duo performance)


Dancers at a wedding, an anniversary, dancers at the corporate


Wedding, banquet, concert, anniversary, birthday, corporate, presentation, public events up to 8 pairs

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